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Brendan McGorry’s practice stands firmly on a history of art cited and referenced in each of his intricately conceived paintings. In this new body of workNoir, McGorry offers the viewer an almost cinematic experience. Each of the works have interwoven elements, connected subject matter and a strongly defined palette. The viewer is immersed in this stylistic approach which acts as a reel of celluloid film flicking a repeated protagonist and fragments of a narrative.

The four smaller works show the cast – figures featured in the surrounding narratives, three large canvases draw on significant works throughout art history where the created scene and potential narrative form the core of the work

Noir poses a chapel-like installation of paintings influenced by McGorry’s time spent in a New York Studio School in Italy studying the renaissance frescos, particularly works like Mantegna’s Bridal Chamber where the story completely wraps around the viewer.



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“The Waitress” “The Suit” “The Player” “The Sailor”  each 300x300mm

Scene Hopper“Scene Hopper” 1800x1300mm Private Collection

Scene Manet“Scene Manet” 1800x1300mm Private Collection

Scene Toulouse Lautrec 2“Scene Toulouse Lautrec” 1800x1300mm

Two of a Kind“Two of a Kind” 1100x1300mm

Hotel Noir“Hotel Noir” 1100x1300mm

Xgoodevening“Good Evening” 1100x1300mm


“Good Night” 1100x1300mm

All Works; Charcoal and chalk on canvas