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KEN Tanner has moved to the other side of the classroom by enrolling in lessons to learn abstract art.Now he is showing his pieces, along with those of other students, at a local exhibition calledParticipants.

Mr Tanner is an experienced realism artist and has taught this style at Uxbridge, Howick’s Creative Centre, for about two years.

As an artist, he doesn’t like to stagnate and decided to try something different as another way of expanding his palette.

“Having found I can do realism really well, I wanted to do something like this in the hope it would make my realism better.”

Mr Tanner attends Brendan McGorry’s “towards abstraction” classes at Uxbridge.

“Brendan is a different artist to me, and I’ve always liked to learn new things and look at things in a different way.

“Realism painting can be quite disciplined. Since being in Brendan’s class, I’ve realised how intricate and clever abstract is.”

Before taking up the classes, Mr Tanner says he was often bemused by the intentions of the likes of Picasso.

“I’d look at his work and think ‘what is he trying to do?’ At first it was a challenge just getting my head around abstract.”

Mr Tanner will incorporate what he’s learnt into his original style of realism.

“My realism is more super-realism – I’m painting the real thing but making it look better than the real one,” he laughs.

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