“Jive -walk”

Joy of life

By T.J McNamara 1988 N.Z Herald

The paint itself is heavily loaded in the wild and wooly work of Brendan McGorry at the Charlotte H Gallery in High St.

He is a young painter who piles masses of thick paint in bright a to make grotesque figures that convey great excitement on behalf of the artist.

The method is entirely hit or miss. A number of the figures are large, threatening women. In the case of “Dancing Woman” the painter loaded so much paint on the figure that he killed it as a painting. On the other hand “Disquieting Woman” has real presence, and there are very exciting layers of colour in “Koyaanisqatsi” and the very raw but powerful “Jive Walk”

An innovation in this exhibition is a space beside each painting where you can nominate what you think the painting is worth the highest bidder gets the painting.