“Via Del Corso” charcoal and screen print on paper

In 2006 I cashed in the family jewels so I could fully commit to my art practice.

I traveled to Italy to be part of the New York Studio Schools summer drawing marathon program studying  the major major fresco sites of Northern Italy. We were based in the Umbrian hill top town of Orvieto the site of Signorelli’s masterwork in the San Brizio Chapel.

Following  this period I merged the experience of being emersed in the Italian renaissance with my existing practice. It resulted in an abundance of work in the following years with a more complex narrative and spatial sense.

church-draw-web-200k orvieto duomo

Traditional practice of drawing from  frescos, every morning in Orvieto Duomo

drawweb541 draw4web250k

draw3web350k draw2web334k

Transcribing Signorelli’s fresco


“Twelve, Fourteen, Sixteen” charcoal and screen print on paper 810 x 1220mm

Self Portrait with Orvieto Duomo, Umbria DARKER

“Self portrait with Orvieto Duomo” charcoal on paper 860 x 610mm